Another few links added...
Still browsing still adding links, still going strong. 5th September 2005

  More links added...
Still adding those links..also more big changes due so stay tuned. 3rd August 2005

  Free promotion to 70,000 people [UK]
Free promotion for UK visitors - huge opportunity... August press releases here. 28th July 2005.

  Yet more stuff added
Still adding links to both the sites and resources directories, several hundred links and growing. 13th July 2005.

  Another dozen links added
Thanks to all those who submitted sites and resources! More links coming soon. 6th July 2005.

  Recording Sites and articles added
Added a few more resources and a lot more production sites. 29th June 2005.

  Even more links and articles
More links and articles added (see left column), front page tweaked once more. 22nd June 2005.

  Changed front page, more updates
More articles, more sites, and a better front page layout...also working on some big updates for the next few weeks or so 19th June 2005.

  Added more Articles / Resources
New articles added to resources database. I also updated the F.A.Q., so be sure to check that also 15th June 2005.

  Upped new beat, ten more links
Added new Crunk banger from Lil Jaye to hip-hop section, new links to Directory, more updates tomorrow 13th June 2005.

  Added more links and articles
Added another two dozen or so articles and links to both the Resources and Directory sections 11th June 2005.

  Resources database added!
Added a database of thirty-plus tutorials, reviews and guides to `resources` section - more updates tomorrow!..9th June 2005.

  Big update coming tomorrow.
Tomorrow, we are adding an articles database, with reviews, tuorials and more, stay tuned..8th June 2005.

  Updated Directory and Resources.
Updated both sections, and tightened up a couple things re:the general site design..2nd June 2005.

  Added new `Directory` section.
Added `Directory` section to site. It features links of interest to music producers. Beta version launched..1st June 2005.

  Added new `software` section.
Added `software` section to Resources. Also, added new links and removed old ones, resources section ..24th May 2005.

  Beta Resource Section Sub-divided.
Split resource section into two for future expansion. We will add more content as we go along..23rd May 2005.

  New Beats added to Hiphop sections.
Added 2 new beats - both sample-based this time - to the site. Will make some big additions this weekend, so check back again then..19th May 2005.

  New link added to Resources section.
Added another link to resources section. I will add a couple more beats over the next few days. Check back soon. 18th May 2005.

  New track added to Beats section.
Added third track to beats section, by Pauly Paul, a slow RnB/rap groove. Excl/Non-excl. 15th May 2005.

  2 new additions to Beats section.
Just uploaded two new tracks to the beats section, all rap beats and all available for exclusive and non-exclusive uses. 14th May 2005.

  Launch of LastSound dot com.
Official launch date of LastSound website. Beats to be added in time. Beta Site now functional.13th May 2005.

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