Who are LastSound?

  What do you have planned for LastSound?

  How can I submit my beats to LastSound?

  What can LastSound offer artists?

  What can you offer producers (music producer training, selling music etc)?

  How can I buy beats here?

Who are LastSound?
LastSound is a website solely for producers. We provide a means for producers and beatmakers to have their music heard, via our beats section. We also provide a collection of resources and articles for producers, along with other features to come soon. Meanwhile, the two directories produce free, music producer training.

The LastSound team is composed of three partners, who make up the core of the company, John, Sach and Chris. It also includes a mixture of outside producers and industry figures. We are part of a large industry contingent that will be making its presence felt on the web and on this site in the near future. On a more general note, the business originally started out as a music production company in early 2004 - as you can see we are now turning our attention away from the studio and onto the web.

What do you have planned for LastSound?
A hell of a lot! Firstly watch for a huge expansion of the beats section. We will continue to add the content that has been submitted to us over the next few months. After that, we are looking to offer a hosting package for producers, instrumentalists and composers - expect that to roll out some time in July.

Following that huge addition, we will start adding community sections to the pages, along with various other features that we are currently considering. Finally, and as if that wasn't enough, our sister sites will be entering the fray in Summer 2005 - all in the industry, and all offering various services and features that are of interest to our visitors. In sum total, we have a great deal tied up in this site, expect it to show in the content this summer.

How can I submit my beats?
The easiest and most direct route would be to e-mail our Production head, Sach at Sach@lastsound.com. He will consider all submissions, and with a bit of luck get back to you :) Be sure to include information such as your price for the tracks, whether they feature samples, your producer name, etc

What can you offer artists?
Because we only recruit a small percentage of the tracks that we listen to, we make you look good in very little time. Instead of trawling through dozens of sites, you simply go to the relevant section, and click away. You can be sure that we have spent hours labouring away so that you can do this so swiftly and still come away with a great composition for your vocals. Before us, this was not easily doable, with thousands of beat-makers to choose from.

Secondly, our A`n`R team is composed of members who have in some cases literally dozens of years experience as producers, engineers and song-writers. This means the tracks are picked by people who know the market place.

Thirdly, you are also dealing with a company, and not just an individual. This means a commitment to customer service you would not otherwise get with a self-employed producer.

What can you offer producers?
We offer producers a medium for them to sell their beats on the web. With literally thousands of beatmakers out there, all with high quality tracks it becomes difficult to differentiate yourself from the competition. Add to that the fact that a producer is supposed to juggle his production and beat-making skills with the task of promotion, and it is unsurprising that many find it difficult.

All we ever do is promote this site and all the tracks on it - we leave the beat-making to you. In return we take a cut of 25% of any sales made from the site. This allows you to focus on what you do, while thousands of potential buyers browse your tracks. To submit tracks, go here.

Meanwhile, the resources on the site offer free music production training for producers, so we really are a catch-all.

How can I buy beats here?
Buying beats at LastSound is quite easy. First browse through our selection here, and find the track that you like. Decide whether you want to own the track entirely so no-one else can use it (exclusive rights), or rather just want to use the track for a demo etc (non-exclusive). Add the track to your shopping basket, and once you have decided on all the tracks you like, proceed to the `view basket` page shown. Follow the instructions presented by PayPal, and once you have made your payment, a link to the track will be e-mailed to you automatically (for non-exclusive beats).If you want to make a purchase of an exclusive beat, please contact one of our team.

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