What are these free music press releases?

  How do I know if I qualify for free press releases ?

  How can I submit my release for consideration?

What are these free music press releases ?
For a limited time only, and to UK residents only, LastSound has partnered with a music promotions company, ProLatis to offer its members free promotional opportunities.

ProLatis specialises in on-line and off-line promotion for up and coming artists, producers and companies in the entertainment industry. The up-shot of the partnership is that for a limited time we are offering free press releases to a select group of our visitors.

Initially, the promotion will only be available to UK visitors. With time, we may well roll it out globally.

Promotion will take the form of press releases, typically off-line, although occassionally to on-line distribution channels also. ProLatis has done a test run of around a dozen press releases in the Manchester area in the last three months, and has found the average circulation of each release to be around 70,000 (as of July 2005). Including on-line releases, the figure is typically closer to 75,000. We expect figures for the test run to be in a similar range. We cannot guarantee such figures for every release, but those are the averages.

How do I know if I qualify for free releases?
Firstly, we are currently only accepting submissions from UK residents. Both companies are based in the UK, and so we would prefer to focus on a geographical area we know well. After the test phase, we may extend this to other countries.

We are looking to release either news, or profiles of producers and artists who meet the submission guidelines. We require that you provide a brief summary of your biographical information if you would like us to release a profile, or a summary of the news story as well as your biography if you are looking to promote a specific news event.

The promotion is open for all artists, producers, song-writers and anyone who is involved in the music industries.The test launch begins 1st August, 2005 and runs until 31st August 2005. In that time, we are looking to draft four releases to a total distribution of around 300,000 readers. Distribution wil take place some time in September. If you qualify, read on to learn how to submit your release.

How can I submit my release for consideration?
The easiest and most direct route would be to e-mail our head of promotions, chris@lastsound.com . Provide details of what you are promotng, be it yourself or an event, and he will contact you with further information.

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